Hi! My name is Patricia Vinson, Founder of Vera-Mae Gift Baskets. It has always been a dream of mine to open my own business, but I lacked the time and right motivation to follow that dream. In 2005, I received devastating news: my mom had been diagnosed with a serious illness. Being the strong woman my mom was, I knew she would pull through. To honor her strength and independence, I knew I wanted to get her something different than flowers or something store-bought. She needed to have something that was custom-made, just for her. That is when I created the Vera Mae gift basket, named after the very woman I created the first basket for. That basket put a smile on her face that is difficult to describe, but I could tell it made her feel loved and special. Unfortunately, my mother, Vera Mae, passed shortly after, but I finally found the motivation to start my own company.

My mother, Vera-Mae - Inspiration for my business

I was still missing one important ingredient — time. In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a mother of four and a grandmother of six, it was yet another blow the family had to deal with. With the sudden necessity to attend numerous doctor appointments and take time away from work to get better, I realized God had given me what I been missing — time.

The Vera Mae Gift Baskets Company was created. Our unique boutique showcases elegant gift baskets — a perfect choice for any special occasion. Each basket is hand-crafted for maximum impact, themed, and priced to offer you the widest selection of exquisite possibilities. The Vera-Mae Collection offers gifts for a unique romantic evening, a luxury spa day for a special someone, and rose bouquets, perfect for any baby shower.

Gift baskets I've donated to an event raising money for breast cancer research